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Citizen Survey



The residents of Westlake responded very favorably to a recent poll designed to gauge their satisfaction with city services and leadership. The poll randomly contacted individuals throughout the city of Westlake by phone and received input from diverse audiences.

"The sample was random and statistically accurate," stated Tom Speaks, principal of The Impact Group, a company that provides polling services. "The results demonstrated a high satisfaction level among Westlake residents regarding city services, public safety and their city government. The residents of Westlake appear quite happy with the state of their city and their municipal leaders."

The poll revealed that Westlake's safety forces are perceived very positively. Ninety-one percent of surveyed citizens stated that the quality of Westlake's Fire Department protection services were excellent or nearly excellent. Eighty-nine percent of surveyed citizens stated that the police department services were excellent or nearly excellent.

The study also indicated that the residents of Westlake were very pleased with snow removal services (81% excellent or nearly excellent), street maintenance services (79% excellent or nearly excellent), leaf pick up service (83% excellent or nearly excellent), and rubbish collection (90% excellent or nearly excellent).

The top five items identified as the best things about the City of Westlake were the schools, the quality of housing, city services, city government and its people. Traffic was identified as the biggest problem facing the city.

When the citizens were asked if they believed the City of Westlake was heading in the right direction, 85% indicated that they strongly agreed or agreed with the statement. "The City of Westlake's employees work very hard to provide superior services to our residents," stated Mayor Dennis Clough. "In an effort to continually improve those services, the survey was conducted to get a candid appraisal from our residents. We are very pleased that the results were so favorable."

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